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Electrical Safety System Audits

Electrical Safety Services’ Electrical Safety Audit service is the fastest, and for the majority of businesses, the most cost effective way of identifying where your management systems, practices, procedures, plant and equipment comply with your Electrical Safety Legislation, and where further work is needed.

Successful audits also reduce the risk to workers and improve electrical safety within the business.

The purpose of an annual safety management system performance audit is to verify:


The safety management system documentation continues to comply with legislation


The safety management system is achieving its objectives


The safety management system is adhering to and maintaining the performance criteria


The auditing system of the prescribed entity’s safety management system is effective


Any modification compliance audits have been done when necessary


The prescribed entity is giving effect to the safety management system

Electrical Safety Services has done the hard work of assembling all of the relevant legislation that may apply within your business, and developed an extensive, yet flexible auditing process, which allows us to undertake a review of your entire business’s operations with minimal impact on your time and resources.

Outcomes and recommendations are provided to the business in a detailed and timely manner, which in turns allows you to manage any gaps to your processes and improve the electrical safety within your business.

High Voltage & Hazardous Area Auditing

Owners of High Voltage and Hazardous Area installations have additional responsibilities to ensure safe operation of their electrical infrastructure.

Initial installation audits and routine inspections are critical in ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel. Many safety and non-conformance issues can be identified and prevented by performing detailed inspections of equipment and taking any necessary corrective actions at the initial installation stage.

In Queensland it is a mandatory requirement for High Voltage and Hazardous areas installations to be audited before being connected or reconnected to a source of electricity under Section 153 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002.

Electrical Safety Services has accredited auditors who can ensure high voltage & hazardous area installations are compliant to the relevant acts, regulations, guidelines and standards. As the experts in the industry, we can audit and guide businesses in every aspect of electrical safety.

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